Archival section

The archival section houses the documentary funds of discontinued cooperatives and valuable historic archives of cooperatives still active. The material dates back from the end of the nineteenth century up today. The materials acquired include complete corporate archives and also archival funds given by privates.

There are:

  • archival nuclei of discontinued cooperatives, constituted by corporate books, correspondence and documents concerning the specific activity carried out ;
  • archives of cooperatives and associations Legacoop (600 historical archives) ;
  • national archives of balances of cooperatives adherent to Legacoop, with a chronological covering 1992-2010;
  • the archive of the cooperatives arisen in Bologna and district from 1883 up today (constitution acts, statutes, minutes of assembly, for a total of more than 20.000 acts );
  • private archives among which the ones of Verenin Grazia (Rimini, 1898 – Bologna, 1972), Enea Mazzoli (Argelato, BO, 1927), Gustavo Trombetti (Castel San Pietro dell’Emilia, BO, 1905 – Bologna, 1991), Ivano Barberini (Modena, 1939 – Modena, 2009).
  • an iconographic archive, composed of more than 50.000 prints and more than 3.000 posters, mainly characterized by images documenting the institutional activity of cooperative bodies and associations (conventions, congresses, celebrations) and of some complete photographic archives of enterprises referring to working pictures, realized works, moments of social live.

In questa sezione è disponibile inoltre alla consultazione l’Elenco dei fondi acquisiti dal 1988 al 2019, estratto dalla banca dati Gestionale dei fondi archivistici e bibliografici del Centro Italiano di Documentazione sulla Cooperazione e l’Economia Sociale.

Of particular interest there is finally the photographic archive of Editrice Cooperativa, datable from the beginning of years nineteen fifty to 1970.
The quantity of the archival documentation that the Centre collected during its own institutional activity has grown so much as to make necessary the acquisition of a new deposit meeting the requirements of the correct conservation of documentary materials, guaranteeing over time the possibility of a further increase of space. In 2016 the complete transfer of the funds conserved in the new deposit premises located in the PAS - Polo Archivistico Storico of Vignola. The reordering of new spaces allowed a convenient relocation of the materials. The square footage available for the Centre has grown. The conservation conditions of the documentation and handling of the materials deposited were approved by the Superintendency for Archival properties of Emilia-Romagna and by the Ministry of cultural properties and activities.