Catalog and Italian Bibliography on cooperatives

of the Italian Centre of
Documentation on Cooperatives
and Social Economy

The internet consultation of the OPAC (On line Public Access Catalog) allows by default to make the research requested on the whole archive of bibliographic information. It is possible to carry out specific researches on the items possessed by the library in selecting Centro Italiano di Documentazione Cooperazione.

The description of the sources is in the size foreseen by the International Standard Bibliographic Description (ISBD). The subjects are all referred to the Subjective for the catalogs of Italian libraries, prepared by the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze. Roma, ICCU, 1995.
The interest areas of the library concern the economic, juridical, historic and sociologic aspects regarding the cooperative movement, as well as the specific disciplines regarding the activity fields in which the cooperative societies act.

The catalog contains 28.000 bibliographic descriptions of monographs, magazines,audiovisual and graphic materials that can be consulted at the library. More than 5.000 notices concern relations, conferences, seminars, budgets, statuses and brochures published by cooperative organisations and difficult to find on the editorial markets.
The posters catalogued, about 500, use passwords that together with the graphic illustrate the social communication of the cooperative movement from years fifty up to now. It is possible to view, together with the bibliografical descriptions, the related digital images.

The bibliographic references present in the data bank concern more than 11.000 news with a cooperative subject. Bibliocoop contains the bibliographical information already published in the book “Italian Bibliography on cooperatives” of Ugo Bellocchi curated by the Italian Documentation Centre on Cooperatives and Social Economy and by the Superintendency for Books and Documentaries Properties (6.065units), and is constantly updated.