Catalog and Italian Bibliography on cooperatives

of the Italian Centre of
Documentation on Cooperatives
and Social Economy

Catalog of the Centre

The consultation of the Centre's catalog, allows to get at the more than 28.000 registered bibliographical information referring to monographs, magazines and audiovisual material available for consulting at the library. It is also possible to carry out specific searches on the iconographical patrimony possessed by the library by visualizing , jointly with the bibliographical descriptions, also the related digital pictures (there are also the digitalized versions of more than 1.500 posters and of thousands of pictures). It is possible to view jointly to the bibliographical descriptions the related digital pictures. The bibliographical description is made in the format established by national and international standards. Subjects are all referring to the List of topics for catalogs of Italian libraries, curated by the Central National Library of Florence , Rome, ICCU, 1995. The areas of interest of the library relate to the economical, legal, historical and sociological features concerning the cooperative movement, and the specific fields involving the sectors of activity in which cooperative companies perform.

Italian Bibliography of cooperation

The bibliographical references contained in the data bank concern more than 11.000 news having cooperatives as subject. Bibliocoop contains the bibliographical information already published in the book “Italian Bibliography on cooperation” of Ugo Bellocchi and curated by the Italian Documentation Centre on Cooperatives and Social Economy and by the Superintendency for Librarian and Documentary Properties (6.065 items), and is constantly updated. In the Bibliography only the publications having a subject strictly relating to the topic "cooperation" are registered, the authors stated in the data bank, even famous cooperators or inspirators of the cooperative movement, are not represented with their whole production, but exclusively by the works concerning the subject involved.