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In this section a thorough research in the databanks realizedby the Documentation Centre on Cooperatives and Social Economy from its constitution up today can be made.

La Cooperazione Italiana 1887-1980 Magazine

Magazine published since 1887, the digital version includes the years from 1887 to 1980 and was realized in 2011 in a project of the Centre in cooperation with the IBACN of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

Fotocoop. The cooperative history in the images of the photographic archive of Legacoop Nazionale

The Fotocoop databank1, containing images referring to the national and international territories, proposes to the visitor photographic images of the editorial archive of the Editrice Cooperativa. The digitalized images correspond to more than 22.000 prints for a total of 38.000 front/back digitalizations, are dated from the end of years forties to the end of seventies of 20th century and show initiatives, conferences and congresses of the field national associations and also the activities made by the cooperatives acting in the various Italian regions and districts. The pictures made also by the best international photographic agencies, show working moments, institutional moments of cooperative societies or organisations representing cooperatives both Italian and foreign, pictures of cooperative managers and political and union manifestations. The collection, through the course of pictures, is a witness of the deep historic, economic and custom changes that occurred in Italy from after the second world war up to the eighties of 20th century.

1 Fotocoop. The cooperative history in the pictures of the photographic archive of Legacoop Nazionale, StoriaCooperativa/index.asp, databank curated by Anna Gurioli, Elena Romagnoli. Italian Documentation Centre on Cooperatives and Social Economy, 2014.

Virtual Museum of cooperatives

The virtual museum is not only a place for the memory where a documentation on the movement articulation, on the cooperative thought, on life stories, on legislation, on links with the cooperative movements abroad are kept, but it is also a place looking to the future with halls dedicated to cooperative formation, to the modalities for constituting new cooperatives, to debates and to the press.

Network. Documentary sources on the national cooperative movement up to 1950

The Network was realized in 2000 with a project of census and mapping of the places where documentary sources are conserved concerning the cooperative movement, in the ambit of the events promoted in occasion of “Bologna 2000 European capital of culture”.of years seventies.

Banca dati delle cooperative di Bologna e provincia 1883-1987

La banca dati comprende tutte le cooperative costituitesi a Bologna e provincia dal 1883 al 1987. Questa ricerca rappresenta il primo censimento desunto da fonti ufficiali sull'intero movimento cooperativo, sviluppatosi in oltre cent'anni di storia e contiene la descrizione di oltre 6.000 cooperative e consorzi. Per ogni unità anagrafica è stata ricostruita la storia, attraverso la segnalazione di: cambi denominazione, fusioni, cessazione di attività.  La consultazione della banca dati consente di dare tempestive risposte a richieste di genealogie cooperative, di liste tematiche e di aggregazioni sia tipologiche che territoriali, delle cooperative sorte a Bologna e Provincia, dalle origini al 1987, anno in cui è terminato il progetto.