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“Cooperatives have finally also in Italy a magazine diffusing their multiple interests, that will accept the scattered strengths, that will be the means of associations to communicate from one to another, to bring advises and comforts ; that enforces uncertain people, helping the uncertain ones, enlighting the doubtful ones, finally will help to create in the workers a new fervor of goodness, diffusing everywhere the principles of reciprocate love. This magazine intends to be an open field to all honest and practical ideas having as purpose the economical improvement of the working classes, that can be obtained only through instruction and the union of small forces that give to needing people, that do not exercise violence but spread out though persuasiveness and example, for us features of the cooperation, that we believe is destinated to transform the relationship between producers and consumers, workers and manufacturers, renewing peacefully the social order on a justice base ”.

With these words was born the magazine La Cooperazione Italiana.

At more than 100 years from its first publication, we can say that the hopes of the nineteenth century cooperation have been realized. Today cooperation is a great economical and social strength, that was able to grow and to evolve, without giving up on the values that distinguished its birth.

The magazine “La Cooperazione Italiana” started in Milan in 1887, as an information instrument for the cooperatives associated to the Federation of Italian Cooperation Societies, in a first stage it was essentially dedicated to Italian and foreign chronicle on cooperation and over the years it assumed more evident editorial ambitions. The periodical, up to 1919, represented unitarily the various cultural courses of the Italian cooperation. In November 1925, following the dissolution of the League of the Cooperatives decreed by the prefect of Milan, the magazine interrupted its publications, resuming regularly only in 1945 at the reconstitution of the League.

La Cooperazione Italiana is a precious source for the study of cooperatives, for researchers, cooperators, teachers, amateurs, as well as for people curious to know the story of cooperatives reality. Articles are often accompanied by illustrative components: photographic images, drawings and sketches, and also numerous vintage advertisements.

From these considerations, furtherly reinforced by the almost unique fact in the national panorama that the collection of the magazine owned by the Centre was complete, the project to constitute a data bank of the magazine was started.

The data base, realized by the Centre in cooperation with the IBACN of the Emilia-Romagna Region, is the digital version of the numbers of the magazine Cooperazione Italiana from 1887 to 1980 including consequently more than seventy years of chronicle, news, realizations, events on the Italian cooperative movement.

This digitization work permits an easy access to the periodical, without reading difficulties for the public, who can autonomously surf the articles selected, print them on paper, allowing him so to conserve the original pages of the magazine. The digitization of the magazine was realized in accordance with the indications suggested by the Italian Digital Library, in order to follow possible integration politics and valorization of Italian electronic resources.

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