There is now a consolidated and multiform formative offer for people who want to approach the cooperative world, both for increasing their knowledge and for finding a work opportunity. We divided this formative offer, to which the Centre cooperates, following the criterion of the cycle of studies : First grade secondary schools, Second-degree secondary schools and University.

Scuola secondaria di 1° e 2° grado

VITAMINA C: Cooperazione, Condivisione e Cultura di Impresa

"Vitamin C - cooperation, sharing and business culture" is the project promoted by Legacoop Bologna, Confcooperative Bologna and Italian Documentation Centre on Cooperatives and Social Economy, thanks to the contribution of the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna, of the Fondazione del Monte and with the patronage of the Regional School Office of Emilia-Romagna, with the prospect of knowing and experiencing cooperation in schools by means of a contest. Historically called CoopyRight, from November 2017 the course of the project was renewed inserting it into the project, promoted by the Alliance of Italian Cooperatives - Bologna and Imola, with the purpose of favouring in the students a higher awareness on the processes, competencies and habilities with a particular focus on the development of entrepreneurship capabilities. The project Vitamin C is the first application to the cooperative model of Entrecomp- Entrepreneurship Competence Framework – the European framework for the education of entrepreneurship. The EntreComp considers the entrepreneurship as a transversal key competence in all the ambits of life, defining it as the capability of “acting on opportunities and ideas to transform them in value (finantial, cultural or social) for other people”. It is in the light of these trajectories that the project Vitamin C applies to become the first experiment at an European level of the concept of entrepreneurship offered by EntreComp in a specifically cooperative ambit. The project is meant for First-grade Secondary Schools (Vitamin C Junior) and Second Degree (Vitamin C Senior) of Bologna and district.

Vitamin C Junior, applies to students of First-grade secondary schools. It is a didactic project foreseeing a formative course in which students think about their own competences with a cooperative point of view, making of the word “Cooperation” a model appliable in various contexts, among which the corporate one, and a methodologic process experiencing it firsthand.

Vitamin C Senior (in turn articulated in two courses, one in Bologna and one in Imola's district) is a contest that assigns a premium for the best idea of cooperative company and for the entrepreneurship idea with the greater social fallout on the territory. The project is aimed at Second-degree secondary schools of the province of Bologna


MUEC - Master Universitario di I Livello in Economia della Cooperazione

The Master1, enabled at the School of Economics, Management and Statistics of the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, that reached on academic year 2016 – 2017, its twenty-firsth edition avails of the organizative support of AICCON (Italian Association for the Promotion and the Culture of Cooperatives and Non profit organizations) and of the cooperation of the Italian Documentation Centre on Cooperatives and Social Economy, that gives its contribution to support instruction and research. The edition of this year also, promoted by the Alliance of Italian Cooperatives, has been made thanks to the support of the mutual funds for promotion and development of cooperatives: Coopfond, Generalfond and Fondosviluppo. The Italian Documentation Centre on Cooperatives and Social Economy cooperates at the MUEC through the provision of the services offered by its own specialized Library, that allows the consultation of bibliographical materials on the whole Italian national cooperative system and also of the collections concerning the historical archives of cooperative companies (more than 300 funds). Also for academic year 2016/2017, the Centre cooperates to the realization at its own seat of the “Laboratory of historical research MUEC”, by using and choosing archival documents from its historical collections. Finally, the Centre offers the use of its Congress Hall and adjacent premises, both for the inauguration of lessons, for the meetings of primary session, for scientific advises and seminars to take place during the course of the Master.

UNIVERSITA’ ROMA 3. DIPARTIMENTO DI ECONOMIA - Master in Impresa Cooperativa: Economia, Diritto e Management

The Master in Cooperative entreprise: Economy, Right and Management is an integral part of the formation offer of the Department of Economics of the University of Rome Three and the present edition is realized in cooperation with the Alliance of Italian Cooperatives. The Class meets the purpose of promoting and diffusing the cooperative culture and entrepreneurship, providing students with the necessary instruments to understand and manage the peculiarities of a cooperative enterprise. The Master cooperates with the Italian Documentation Centre on Cooperatives and Social Economy, that through the information provided by its internet site and its bibliographic and archival collections, provides a support to the formative course, to the studies and to the research.

1: By the joint initiative of the University of Studies of Bologna, of the Istituto di Studi Cooperativi "Luigi Luzzatti", of the Cooperative Centrals and of Mutual Funds, was established, already from 1996, the Post Laurea Class of Perfectionism in Cooperative Economy, by the Economics Faculty. As from the beginning of the Class, the Italian Documentation Centre on Cooperatives and Social Economy provided its cooperation to support didactic and research.