Vitamin C project

Since 2007 the Centre promoted, together with Legacoop Bologna and Confcooperative Bologna, active actions towards school with Coopyright Junior “Scopri la Cooperazione”, a research contest meant for students of first grade secondary schools and Coopyright: Invent a cooperative,a contest of ideas for the students of secondary schools.

The formative project, renewed from November 2017 with the name Vitamina C – Cooperazione, condivisione e cultura d’impresa, is promoted by Legacoop Bologna, Confcooperative Bologna and Italian Documentation Centre on Cooperatives and Social Economy, is directed to the knowledge and experimentation of cooperatives in the schools and is reserved to the first grade secondary schools (Vitamina C Junior) and of secondary schools (Vitamina C Senior) of Bologna and district.

The contest inserted in the ambit of the project, of which Alleanza delle Cooperative Italiane – Bologna and Imola, is the promoter, has the purpose of favouring among students a greater awareness on processes, competencies and habilities with particular focus on the development of entrepreneurial skills.